The Therapy

The Benefit of Therapy
One personal session is enough for you to know the relief of surrendering into my cold, capable hands. You can be absolutely honest with me. I’ll judge you, and harshly too. Your secrets are safe with me — mostly because I don’t think they’re worthy of serious consideration.

After your bout of extreme self-honesty and revelation with me, you can put your normal face back on and go into the world; relieved of your guilt of living a lie, knowing there is penance for your hollow masculine facade, knowing one person in this world sees you clearly as you are — it is almost an absolution to find that.

I do not punish. I merely listen and provide honest guidance in the vain hope of bettering you as a man. You’ll never meet my standards of manhood, of course, but like all therapy, even small advancements yield positive results in your own life. Learning one’s self is always a painful and worthy journey.


  • offer to “worship” me because you are a lousy penitent — it reflects badly on me as said object of worship
  • ask about golden or brown showers — you don’t deserve them
  • ask to view me in my undergarments — you don’t deserve that either
  • ask about “feminization” — you’re an insult to womankind
  • demand that I follow a script — I offer therapy, not role-playing
  • attempt to top from below — I will leave, I’m certainly not interested in your opinion on how I should do things
  • have numerous detailed requests or attempt to micro-manage — I am not interested

The Cost of Therapy
Naturally, the more trying you are, the more you will have to pay. I’m easily annoyed.

I have no interest in your offerings of BDSM toys/clothes or your idea of gifts. Even if I gave you a detailed list, you’d still get it wrong. You would not attempt to pay your therapist with so-called gifts.

You may take me on shopping trips to augment my possessions: shoes, handbags, jewelry, undergarments, suits, vehicles, property. I will tell you what stores I want to enter, I choose what I want, you keep your opinions to yourself, pay the bill and carry my purchases. Custom-tailored clothes please me even more than off-the-rack. Property pleases me most of all.

Though I like the concept of financial domination, the actual practice does not interest me. If you want to give me more money, you will. I will never ask. Like any other civilized person, it pleases me to live in luxury and have grand experiences; however, do not think for one single moment that by spending more money on me you’re going to somehow change my opinion of you.

I offer three types of therapeutic sessions. Surely you can figure out one that will work for what you seek. Read the payment details as well.

You are never paying for my time. You are paying for ability to see into you, study your many flaws, point them out and hopefully remove your self-created delusions about your worth as a man.

My least-expensive option. My fee for corresponding with you when I could be doing more productive things with my time is generously low. The more annoying you insist on being, the higher my fee. Naturally.

There is no “training” involved. This is therapy. I have strict rules for email therapy, along with a system of fines for violating those rules. If you are interested in email therapy, you must understand and acknowledge the rules before making payment.

Email therapy begins at $30 per email. A minimum $150 deposit is required to begin.

If you desire a more personal touch, I’m available almost anywhere by phone. I do not sit around all day on the phone, you must make an appointment to speak to me. Boring, inane, or annoying conversationalists will find their calls cut short and their base fee raised.

There is no “training” involved. This is therapy. My rules for phone therapy are less strict than my other options, however I still have rules I expect you to follow. Violation of those rules results in fines. If you are interested in phone therapy, you must understand and acknowledge the rules before making payment.

Phone therapy begins at $90 for 30 minutes. A minimum $180 deposit is required to begin.

In Person
The most expensive and mutually-rewarding. Doubtless far more exciting for you than distance-therapy. I expect to conduct therapy at a suitably impressive hotel or quiet restaurant. No physicality will occur in public. I have no desire to embarrass myself or be banned from a place I enjoy.

There is no “training” involved. This is therapy. I have strict rules for in-person therapy, along with a system of fines for violating those rules. If you are interested in in-person therapy, you must understand and acknowledge the rules before making payment.

A token deposit ($100) is required for all sessions. Any travel expenses must be paid in advance. Neither the deposit or travel expenses are refundable. If you expect me to provide a room for your privacy, then add $200 to your deposit.

Unlike a therapist, I do not charge by the hour. When I feel we have accomplished a breakthrough, I will consider that therapy session finished. If I become overly bored or you break certain rules, I will simply leave. Expect to be fined for breaking a rule.

I may leave you in tears; I may not.

Personal therapy begins at $300 for a fully-private session, $600 for a dinner session (includes the option of privacy), $1000 for a shopping session (includes shopping, usually a meal, and the option of privacy). Meals can be taken in seclusion if the hotel has suitable room service — ask before assuming.

Meeting for therapy is not a conversation I will entertain under the guise of email or phone therapy. Nor will I entertain endless emails from you about meeting. If you want to meet, you will make that happen in a short period of time. I like decisive men.

Personal therapy is restricted to men of 35 and older. Physical disabilities are not a limiting factor in benefiting from therapy. I expect my clients to have crippling emotional issues. Those with mental disabilities need not apply. I do not indulge in race-based discrimination and do not care about your ethnicity so don’t bother mentioning it. I will figure it out when I see you.