In-Person Therapy Rules and Details

by The Bitch

This page contains my rules, as well as the details/physicality of in-person therapy.

As stated, in-person therapy costs $300 for a fully-private session, $600 for a dinner session, $1000 for a shopping session (there are more options for established clients, below). If you follow the rules, you need never be fined and can enjoy a satisfying course of therapy with someone who valiantly attempts builds you into a better man. The frequency of therapy is limited by our mutual schedules and your discretionary income.

If you cannot adhere to the rules, then you will feel significant financial pain, followed by true emotional pain as I will make it a point to cause emotional pain before I leave. Constant rule-breakers, even if they always pay their fines, are tedious and a waste of my time.

Fines are paid immediately upon being levied. This means you need to bring extra cash with you, or our session will be interrupted to find an ATM.

The Rules

  1. All rules are subject to change. Fines are subject to change as well (“change” will always be more). As a courtesy, I will let you know when I’ve made changes. I expect you to read the rules again. Ignorance does not move me to charity.
  2. I expect to be paid immediately upon arrival. If I have to ask for my payment, I will take it and leave. If you have prepaid in full, you avoid this unpleasantness.
  3. No topic is off limits, however, I guide the conversation as I see fit. If you cannot stay on topic or insist on conversing in a vein I don’t care for, you will be fined $100.
  4. Every time you interrupt me, you will be fined $200. After five interruptions, I will fine you an extra $1000 and leave. I doubt I will bother to see you again.
  5. If you have absolutely disgusting table manners, you will be fined $200 and required to tip our server $100 on top of the regular 20% tip.
  6. If you attempt to touch me without my permission, I will leave. You will be blacklisted.
  7. If you attempt to expose yourself, you will be fined $1000. If I ask you to disrobe, you will not be fined as long as you follow my directions exactly.
  8. If you ask about masturbation, you will be fined $1000 and I will leave.
  9. If you ask to worship me in any way or ask if I’ll disrobe, you will be fined $1000 and I will leave.
  10. If you ask me about any of my allowed physicality (details below), you will be fined $100. I will bring up the topic when I feel ready to do so.
  11. If our therapy gets physical and you’re noisy out of proportion to my actions, you will be fined $200 and then gagged. If you know you get noisy, request gagging beforehand to avoid a fine. Likewise, if you fail to safeword when you honestly need to, you will be fined $500 and I will leave.
  12. Should you never get a response to your email, consider my silence a genuine statement of my feelings about you.

The Details/Physicality

In Person
Needless to say but I must say it anyway: you will not have any form of sexual interaction with me. I doubt I’ll even remove my shoes in front of you. I can assure you that you will not even touch my feet. You can’t possibly do it right.

All physical interaction is at my whim and not yours. Do not walk into a therapy session expecting any physicality to happen. My focus is always on the mental, sometimes accentuated by the physical. No physicality will occur in public. I have no desire to embarrass myself or be banned from a place I enjoy.

What physical interaction I offer is limited to: face-slapping, spanking, kicking and/or stomping you in my heels. I welcome men who wish to have their genitals kicked and/or stomped. I will not touch your genitals with my hands — why would I want to?

On occasion, I may allow you to lick the sole of my shoes clean. Your fetid tongue does not belong on my feet, however. That is a privilege I reserve for men I have sex with — who are not you.

Reserved for continuing clients:
When I feel it may be beneficial in the course of your therapy, I may be moved to don a strap-on and ream you out. I may force you to suck my strap-on, make you choke. I will never place my fingers or fist into your body in any way. Why would I want to?

There are other scenarios that may be available to select returning clients, depending on the needs of your therapy and my creativity in accomplishing certain goals. It is not for you to ask, however.

Select returning clients also have the option of greatly extended therapy sessions: overnight, a 24 hour day, and the weekend. Fees begin at $2500, $4000, and $9000 respectively. A 50% deposit is required (plus any travel expenses), as is my own non-adjoining room for my comfort. These extended sessions are not for pleasure — I expect the therapy to be intense and explorative. We’ll likely spend the bulk of our time in privacy. Extended therapy is something to build up to and prepare for, not done simply because you have the free time and money.

Every scenario and/or extended therapy session has its attendant rules and fines that I give to you well before the day of reckoning. These rules are to make the experience as smooth and psychologically-meaningful as possible.

I will

  • take into consideration your physical limits if our therapy gets physical
  • ask detailed questions before getting physical with you — my interest is always in your mental/emotional state, not senseless brutality
  • gag you if I must
  • always and immediately honor your safeword or safe-signal (if gagged)
  • never have mercy