Booking Therapy
Like any professional therapist, I need your real name, your employment information, and a contact method. If your contact method is by phone, then I need to know when you are free to take calls.

If you are interested in email therapy, let me know your concerns, possible goals, and initial deposit amount.

If you are interested in phone therapy, let me know the same as above, as well as if you are going to use a phone or Skype to communicate.

If you are interested in in-person therapy, let me know your concerns, possible goals, and your public/private preferences. If you wish dinner or shopping to be part of our therapy, then I will let you know my choices for indulgence.

Your initial email should be fewer than 250 words and include acknowledgement of having read my rules for the type of therapy you are seeking.

I am not interested in receiving: attachments (particularly pictures of yourself), lengthy emails describing your fantasies/fetishes/personal angst, rants where you call me a bitch (I’m already aware I am), applications to be my personal slave, complaints about my fees, any messages from illiterates.

Email: Inquiry AT bitchdomme DOT com

Should you never get a response to your email, consider my silence a genuine statement of my feelings about you.

I’m not obligated to explain why I don’t care for your inquiry.