Coming Out

by The Bitch

Now I begin to do in public what I’ve been doing privately for a long time: this intimate look at your deepest self. I’m making myself available to those who seek what I offer. I know those men are out there, I’ve found them over and over again by accident these past few years.

As you may have guessed, doing something haphazardly and for little personal reward does not appeal to my nature. Hence, my stepping into the online domme world and owning my abilities.

I don’t truly consider myself a domme in the strictest sense, but there is no other good way to describe what I do. I’m certainly not a licensed therapist even though I provide more insight than your average therapist. Therapists certainly won’t slap your face.

I am a bitch. I will never be rude, but I will be honest, blunt, and have no concern for sparing your overblown ego. A female supremacist, I’ve no doubt my clients’ role will be to confirm my superiority in every way. Confident in my abilities and confident in my perspective on men, I’m comfortable being a bitch.