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Fading Back

For the moment, life has taken me elsewhere. I’ve always lived another life beyond this and it takes up a lot of my time. This…not so much. Being a professional bitch is something I’ve dabbled in for a few years. This is the most public attempt I’ve made yet and the response has confirmed my […]

Dommes I Admire

Simone Kross Katrina Von Dre Admiral Helena Cain Bridget Gregory

Coming Out

Now I begin to do in public what I’ve been doing privately for a long time: this intimate look at your deepest self. I’m making myself available to those who seek what I offer. I know those men are out there, I’ve found them over and over again by accident these past few years. As […]

In-Person Therapy Rules and Details

This page contains my rules, as well as the details/physicality of in-person therapy. As stated, in-person therapy costs $300 for a fully-private session, $600 for a dinner session, $1000 for a shopping session (there are more options for established clients, below). If you follow the rules, you need never be fined and can enjoy a […]

Phone Therapy Rules

As stated, phone therapy costs $90 for 30 minutes of conversation. If you follow the rules below, you need never spend a dollar more and can enojoy the benefits of live therapy over a period of time. Since I dislike chatting on the phone, especially long conversations, few phone therapy clients will be accepted. If […]

Email Therapy Rules

As stated, email therapy costs $30 per email. If you follow the rules below, you need never spend a dollar more and can enjoy a satisfying correspondence lasting as long as you wish, with the frequency your discretionary income allows. If you cannot adhere to the rules below, then you will feel significant financial pain, […]

Birth of The Bitch

This happened months ago. Or perhaps it’s been happening for years. The moment crystallized when my escort friend’s subby client looked up at me and asked her if he could pleasure me. He was on a low table in preparation for an anal fisting. I was seated nearby, not even close to touching him. I […]

In the Beginning

Was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. As it was spoken, so it shall be done. It may take more than 7 days to complete my act of online creation.